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I think people typing “glitch” refers to a glitch that happen once in the game where everybody was eliminated in the first question even tho they answered correctly. They had to restart the game and when it happened again, people started typing glitch. They restarted it a third time and that fixed the glitch.

For all India official championing of the anti apartheid crusade in South Africa erstwhile white regime, north India at least is steeped in colour prejudice ask any African student who had a taste of Delhi campus life. For the north Indian, fair is lovely, as those abominably tasteless TV commercials keep proclaiming: Don get sunburnt, use skin whitening creams, or you end up dark and no one will marry you. (When did you last see a matrimonial ad seeking an dark complexioned life partner is dark literally beyond the pale for so many of us? Is it an atavistic throwback to the supposed superiority of Aryans vis a vis the original inhabitants of the subcontinent? Is it the result of 250 years of white rule under the British? Is a pale skin, as against a deep tan, a testimonial to social rank, segregating those who don have to toil under the sun from those who do? Is it an amalgam of all these?.

Meanwhile, we are encouraged by administrators willingness to accommodate students who plan to protest. As Vancouver Public Schools principals wrote in a letter to parents last week: students advocate appropriately for change, it can be a powerful learning experience. We also recognize that some students may not want to participate in a walkout or related activities and may prefer to stay in class.

Wireless carriers claw back unlimited data plans longed for by Canadians’Game of inches:’ RBC predicts narrow field between Canada’s telecom stocks in 2017Court dismisses ‘damp squib’ $350 million IPTV patent infringement lawsuit against BellValentini also pointed out that Rogers shares reacted negatively to several surprise events in recent months.Those include the company roughly $500 million IPTV write down and delay, a CRTC ruling that reduces the rate bigger players can charge independent providers for access to their networks, and the leadership transition.Rogers has fallen nine per cent since the start of the fourth quarter of 2016, compared to a one per cent gain for Telus Corp. And a three per cent decline for BCE Inc.simply believe that Rogers needs a feel good quarter more so than its peers in order to restore investor confidence, Valentini told clients.The analyst also believes Rogers will get a sentiment boost if it can produce three per cent growth in average revenue per user (marking its best performance in eight years), and wireless EBITDA growth in the four to five per cent range.Next up is the dividend, specifically growth of five per cent in the cash flow forecasts suggest that Rogers should increase its dividend now, but given the CEO transition, we believe it is possible that the company will hold off, Valentini said. Good news is that, unlike a year ago, we do not believe that the Street is depending on a hike in dividend to justify owning the stock; therefore, no increase should be a non event.

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