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HUSSEIN: When we were younger me and my brother, we knew Swahili and when we made the move, we went to kindergarten and we couldn’t talk English. And they asked my dad if they needed a translator who could talk Swahili and English and translate it to the teachers. My dad told them we needed to learn English, so by the time we learned English, we forgot Swahili..

Mais il ne faut pas croire que les marques ont renonc leur emprise sur les consommateurs. Au contraire, cette progression vers plus d’authenticit dissimule souvent une stratgie commerciale agressive, comme Harley Davidson et sa politique effrne de licences. Le placement de produit devient une technique courante les marques (de cigarettes par exemple) paient des fortunes pour faire utiliser leurs produits par des clbrits ou des acteurs de film, de manire ce que les fans veuillent imiter leurs idoles et acheter les mmes produits..

Burgers get fancy here pretty quick with wagyu and brisket, but the regular cheeseburger ($6.97), the BurgerFi logo branded dramatically into its bun, is sumptuous. Fries, skin on, are fab no need to gild the lily with Cajun or herby cheesy sprinkles. Plus, there’s decent beer and wine..

So Jason Mckenna say that Taser are for NAZIS and what are guns for. I belive that with the right training for anyone who owns a taser can be better that a gun. We also know that guns are used in Texas so if someone was to attack you I think you would think twice before you go after someone just the thought that they may have a taser would make them think with or without being on drugs..

‘I did a promotion for walking football a while ago and Harry was there. He got six goals. I managed to fall over, which is embarrassing in walking football. Practice scales and modes. Start by learning the major and minor scales while using a metronome. Play these at first position in all twelve keys.

1 point submitted 9 days agoI can speak for certainty if it the carb ups or PMS that is doing this to you, but I can say that in my experience there have been times I needed more electrolytes and water, or else I could feel my anxiety reach a level that I rarely ever hit, like when I going really low carb or PMSing (my electrolyte needs have always gotten kind of weird around PMS, even pre keto). Anyway, does it help to avoid the carb ups for a while? Have you tried changing things around to see if they make things better or worse? Hope you figure it out soonuneasyslothF31 5 [CW 193.8 SW 221.8 GW 150/healthy] 3 points submitted 9 days agoI was just reading, and actually just made a post about it, but the beginning of keto can also wreak havoc on your cortisol levels (just think your body is pretty stressed right now what with changing its fuel source and being in the middle of your cycle). When your hormones are out of whack, this can also bring about migraines.

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