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I responded to the e mail I got to see what they really wanted from me. It wasn’t a smart move, but I did it anyway because I wanted to know what they were up to and wanted confirmation that I should report them to the Better Business Bureau. This is their very detailed reply e mail:.

My guests dog was barking in the background. She asked if the dog was mine and I told her it was not, I have a guest staying with me. She told me I would need to get a license for my guests dog. 16 points submitted 14 hours agoWar eine der ersten Ideen, die ich nach der Abstimmung gelesen habe. Irland, Nordirland und Schottland schlieen sich zur “Keltischen Union” zusammen, damit NI und Schottland nicht von den Folgen des Brexit betroffen sind. Dann Verhandlungen Schottlands ber einen EU Beitritt, und wenn das abgesegnet ist, treten sie als eigenstndiger Staat aus der Keltischen Union aus und lassen ein vereintes Irland zurck, whrend sie selbst von Tag 1 an EU Mitglied sind.Da ich seitdem nie wieder von dieser Idee gelesen habe, war das aber wohl der Traum eines brexitfeindlichen Schotten oder nationalistischen Iren.McWaffeleisen 5 points submitted 2 days agoSince the “suddenly” part of your question doesn allow a period of transition, there would be short term economic problems, since the cattle, poultry and fishing industries became juggernauts in the past decades.

Does not back down from blocking. I’m not sure what he’s coached to do, but Izzo shows excellent field awareness here. He sees coverage dropping and he turns and starts looking for the ball. The future for forensic science has to be about delivering quicker results. A lot of the answers can only be delivered after extensive testing in the laboratory. So where the world of forensic science is moving is really about trying to take some of the technologies we’ve traditionally used in the laboratory and get them out in the field, like you see in CSI, but we’re not there yet.

The conscious mind prefers a foundation of meaning and ambition without that foundation, consciousness becomes a problem so many questions unanswered, even un addressed. And a shared foundation, agreed to by all the community, is even better it unites us in our journey towards a better future and a legacy for our offspring. This foundation has evolved as our civilization matures and that evolution is one of the ‘seams’ that are ‘showing’ on today’s faiths none of them predated all others and more primitive beliefs predate them all..

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