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On TV the Green Monster looks like a uniform green sheet, but it’s actually pock marked by tens of thousands of dents from the balls that have hit the wall since its current incarnation was installed in 1975. So how many dents are there in the Green Monster’s facade? That depends on whom you ask. The Boston Globe estimated 211,044 dents in a 2014 report, with an image software company contacted by the paper offering an estimate of 164,430..

When we were assigned this project, I was excited and very confident because I have live tweeted a sporting event before. Last year I had the opportunity to go to San Diego to cover the bowl game that the Wyoming Cowboys football team played in. So it wasn a basketball game but I know I was prepared and knew how to live tweet for the most part.

“I gave them contacts, explained to them what the story was, helped them formulate an itinerary, basically did the whole pre production for them,” said Alami, estimating that the hours she worked for Vice over the course of several days amounted to about one full day of work. Emails between Alami and Vice employees, reviewed by CJR, confirm her story, as well as the amount of work she contributed to Vice. “This is something you typically get paid for, even if it’s just making a few phone calls.

The big debate lies in the responsibility of the vapers. Politicians and health enthusiasts are blaming e cigs for being dangerous because of the nicotine. Cases have recently emerged of children and pets ingesting e liquid and needing to be rushed to the hospital.

Keep in mind that Internet research is not foolproof. Some scams astro turf the Internet with “supporting articles” from members who always claim how great the “opportunity” is, but with little or no evidence. The sheer amount of this “spam” overwhelms the real information available.

8 points submitted 18 hours agoidk, i think there is some value in making jarring statements and staking out a clear moral ground, even if it repels people at first, and there at least some residue of that in the “ironic mayocide” meme.I think most white people recognize that its other white people making these statements, and that should make the irony pretty clear. If not, then chances are they engage somehow and can be drawn into a deeper conversation.all that aside, i think OP is shitty wrecker nonsense. The “infinite self crit loop” is pretty obviously effective as a way to disrupt and sidetrack leftist thought and organizing.

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