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I primarily use MAL, but I keep AniList as a backup after I accidentally signed up for it a while ago (thought I was signing up specifically for AniChart).And I gotta say that even beyond its generally smoother UI experience, there a few minor quality of life features in AniList (such as allowing transparency channels in avatars, custom lists, switching list thumbnail view at will, or having unlimited favourites) that make me wish I could switch over to it fully But it simply doesn have the same extensive database as MAL which is my primary use for these sites. Every time I import my MAL list to get the AniList backup up to date there always a bunch of obscure things like music videos or unpopular/unknown shorts that don get imported.fleurdelise 35 points submitted 1 month agoI love to hear more about this from your perspective. It seems to be a (sadly) common thing, and I can imagine spending time with someone for any other reason than enjoying their company, so I love to hear more about how you saw things.Maybe it would help me feel less shitty about going through this with a guy I liked :/ Glad you owned up to it and tried to make things right, though! That more than a lot of guys do, and mine was much older than 19.

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Air, water, every living thing is connected to you, to which Don said, a nice thought. Does it mean? Anna replied, means the only thing keeping you from being happy is the belief that you are alone. If that true? you can change. They react emotionally to the windfall; they don think long term or strategically. There is no plan for the future, only the unrealistic expectation that the firehose of earnings will last forever. These sorts of unforced errors leave a permanent mark on emotional and financial well being.Depp is now suing his business manager and his firm for negligence, breach of fiduciary duty and fraud.

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