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Also, you might as well make the pages through squarespace instead of making graphic mockups. You can control squarespace 100% so making a mockup that will be accurate is unnecessary work, and will confuse your client when what you make them isn like what you originally showed them. This is my “just do it” method for small projects like this.

Malcolm and Karen Catterall managed to get away from the vicious blaze at their house on Lakeside Avenue in Walkden on Monday night.Firefighters tackle major blaze in mill building near Strangeways live updatesThe property went up in flames when their son Correy, 23, returned from work at around 11pm.Their pet Labrador, Pluto, did not survive after he ran back into the flames and Malcolm was left with the decision whether to attempt to rescue him or stay with his wife.The devastation caused by a pan of mushy peas left on a hob at the home in Lakeside Avenue in Walkden.The couple had left a pan of food on a low heat on the kitchen hob to keep it warm for Correy, and then gone up to bed.Yet the pan of mushy peas had burnt dry in just 15 minutes. The family believe the back draught caused by Correy opening the front door resulted in a fire ball ripping through the house.Police hunt two people after man was stabbed in the neck at block of flats in SalfordMalcolm, a former serviceman in the Royal Navy, grabbed his wife and their pet Labrador, Pluto, to make an escape through the back bedroom window.Malcolm, 53, said he had seconds to decide how they were all going to get away from the fire.He jumped out of the first floor window into the back garden and was then followed by Karen.The devastation caused by a pan of mushy peas left on a hob at the home in Lakeside Avenue in Walkden.Though Malcolm caught his wife as she landed, Karen broke both her heels and is now in the Royal Bolton Hospital. She also suffered from smoke inhalation.But in the chaos of the blaze as Malcolm helped his injured partner, Pluto broke loose and ran back into the flames.”At the time I had to make the call between my dog or my wife,” said Malcolm.”I did have hold of him but he started to panic and ran off.

“It’s a good, solid six figure loser at Wynn, and my best guess for the state of Nevada is $5 million. They probably never thought they were gonna cash it.”Across the Strip at The Mirage, Jeff Stoneback can draw on much of the same history in reaching the same conclusion. Stoneback, director of trading for MGM Resorts sportsbooks, hasn’t seen anything like this in his three decades behind the counter.”Thirty years in the business, this will be the biggest futures book loss that I’ve ever seen.

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