Lyric Lagu Nike Ardilla Nyalakan Api

In short, if you get top 1% wax it will most likely blow the old school hash out of the water. If you are like me and enjoy the flavor and aroma of hash then, your average oil might have you wanting more flavor and effects. IMO, THC without real cannabis terps is boring, like drinking red grain alcohol and calling it wine..

I grew up in the South as well, and have heard and probably used this term numerous times without connecting the dots. At first I agreed with you but then I put some thought into it. While I still don think the man meant anything racist by it, and it is true that white people picked cotton as well, I would say that it is akin to the imagry of a noose.

When faced with that semi final against Germany four years ago, Brazil were in a state of mental disintegration, overwhelmed by national expectation on home soil, deprived of Neymar through injury and trying very hard to convince themselves that they could drive on without him through pure force of will. Tite has embedded a far more genuine team ethic. His players are so committed to him that you feel that this time they might just deliver without their iconic No 10..

Because it going past you: cops will always side with fascists against the left. They exist to protect structural power, especially property rights and class divisions, and the left fundamentally seeks to undo these structures. In Portland, last weekend, the fascists lined up behind the cops to cheer them on as they fired at protestors.

Deepan Joshi is a full time observer of the vagaries of life, a present from his home state of Himachal Pradesh where you can potentially have a sun burn and a frost bite at different times on the same day. His life revolves around the cricket calendar and the tennis Grand Slams. Watching cricket with him is both hilarious and agonizing because he behaves as if he were sitting on a porcupine bare bottomed..

Isaiah Prince of Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Greenbelt, Md., announces he’ll attend Ohio State to play football in 2015. Researchers from the University of Iowa have developed a mathematical model to predict where top high school football recruits will commit. Websites boast “crystal ball” predictions of where top high school recruits will suit up.

First, he says, people are more motivated by small, immediate rewards than large, distant ones. It’s better to put people in a lottery where they have a 1 in 10 chance of winning $10 than a 1 in 100 chance of winning $100. A company could, for example,give employeesthe chance to win a small amount of money every day if they met their fitness goal the previous day..

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