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Now,the woman behind that push is taking aim at another industry known for its male dominated workplace: The financial sector. Natasha Lamb, managing director ofArjuna Capital, which focuses on sustainable and social impact investing, said Thursday she had filed proposals at six financial companies urging them to prepare a report addressingtheir goals at reducing the gender pay gap and includingthe percentage gap between the pay of men and women. The banks and credit card firmstargeted areCitigroup, Wells Fargo, American Express, MasterCard, Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase..

To staff its internal agency, Apple is casting its net wide. One senior agency exec noted that within the same six month period of being contacted by Apple, a number of other senior creative execs at both this person’s agency and other shops had gotten calls. The broad outreach gave the impression “they were just dialing numbers.” Another upper level agency exec was unclear as to how many posts Apple has been trying to fill, but said, “All I know is all my talented friends have been approached.

That’s what you want to shoot for. So you will need to simplify your image. The more complicated it is, the harder it will be to reproduce and recognize. Is instructive. Despite having the Commander in Chief as its most visible customer, Twitter has had difficulty gaining traction. Last quarter the social media platform missed revenue expectations by more than $20 million, despite seeing an increase in users and time spent on the platform.

On my count, I was around the 50th person there. I was really glad that I went early. Now, the camp out!. Not so. So says a study released this year by Rand Corp. Although researchers found the average cost of defending against a wrongful termination lawsuit is $40,000, the expected cost per worker was a mere $10.

OK Canada let take a collective deep breath. The start of 2018 has been dramatic, with all sorts of fallout predictable and not from the Ontario government increase of minimum wage. And, with the recent release of quarterly financial results from Tim Horton parent company, we been reminded of the public backlash against one of Canada most iconic brands.That backlash resulted last month in scores of Canadians protesting Tim Horton stores, a development I found deeply unsettling and wildly misguided.This is a complicated issue with no easy answers and no clear scapegoats, so Canadians seeking to ascribe blame to one single party may need to consider the larger picture.

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