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And we wear it. Oh, do we Americans love wearing our flag. There hardly a boutique, kiosk or truck stop in the land that doesn sell American flag T shirts, snapbacks, bikinis or belt buckles. Papa John’s just lost another agency, IPG Mediabrands’ Initiative, which resigned the business Thursday. As Ad Age’s Megan Graham and Jessica Wohl report, the media agency had initially agreed to keep working with the brand after chairman John Schnatter was outed for using a racial slur staying on because Schnatter quickly stepped down and because the company promised a more inclusive workplace. But then Forbes published a detailed report alleging a “toxic culture” at Papa John’s reaching well beyond the founder, and the agency changed its mind.

“Whatever they’re doing at that particular moment, that’s what’s real to them. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein said that “nobody gets convicted just for having an evil nickname.” But at the same time he noted, “It is useful for the jury to know that the defendants adopt names that suggest crime and violence, because how they communicate with each other demonstrates the nature of their relationship.”.

I think the crux of the plaintiff case is that the doctors should have figured out that while the pill he took looked like hydrocodone, it was, in fact, black market “hydrocodone”, which is frequently fentanyl or heavily supplemented with fentanyl. A clue pointing to this would be the fact that it took 2 doses of narcan to revive him after taking just two of these mystery pills. If the docs were somehow compelled to believe this opiate OD patient statement that he had only taken 2 pills, they could suspect fentanyl, a drug that is known to be more resistant to narcan than some other opiates, and send urine for fentanyl testing, which does exist..

Here’s Where You Can Get Milkweed SeedsIt’s simple to start bringing the monarchs back by growing milkweed. Their website provides a list of milkweed seed suppliers throughout the country, as well as excellent tips for finding and spreading wild milkweed on your own. This is a great example of a motivated group of people devoting time and energy to great cause, and they deserve our support..

Things to know about dopp kit or toiletry bag for menA body hygiene kit for men specifically was called dopp kit a bit shorter term for men toiletry bag. A dopp kit according to the internet was a term particularly used in America for body hygiene. It was once a common gift given to adolescent males as they ascend from boyhood to adulthood..

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