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This newly expanded timelapse composite view shows China’s Yutu moon rover at two positions passing by crater and heading south and away from the Chang’e 3 lunar landing site forever about a week after the Dec. 14, 2013 touchdown at Mare Imbrium. This cropped view was taken from the 360 degree timelapse panorama.

But later, officials said Lake Tahoma had been inspected and deemed safe and a mandatory evacuation was being canceled. “The emergency at Lake Tahoma has been canceled. The evacuation order is no longer in effect. This reflects the advantage of fibre to the premises connections, he said.Telus also disclosed additional information about Telus International, its contact centre business. TI will surpass $1 billion in annual revenue, Entwistle said, adding that it expects to have best in class margins of 12 to 15 per cent in the next year.Telus also revealed plans to sell Telus Garden, its downtown Vancouver headquarters that it built in partnership with Westbank Corp., for a $170 million gain. Telus plans to donate $120 million in proceeds from the deal to a charitable fund.

The initial commitment was for 5 million wristbands but as of last week, 15 million had been sold, and the back order list is weeks long. “Obviously, we are very, very pleased with the success of the wristbands,” says MacEachern. “They are everywhere.”.

Operation Sea Lion was obviously a failure but Hitler and his inner circle would have had a very clear idea of what he would have wanted to do with the UK if his invasion had been successful. Not something that I really thought about too much but it fascinating/scary to see what could have happened. Apparently the reason Blackpool was spared by the Luftwaffe during the bombings was because Hitler wanted to keep the seaside resort as a place for R for Nazi troops.

People equate fun with alcohol. I used to as well. I didn’t think I would ever have fun again when I stopped drinking, but the truth is that I probably have more fun now that I’m sober it’s entertaining to go out and watch other people drink. “I’ve always said that my performances in the majors at that point, that wasn’t the norm,” McIlroy said. “That wasn’t my normal level. That was above my normal level, and then you sort of you go back down, and then you build yourself back up again.

Zain, meanwhile, defiantly displays a framed photo of his fourth grade “Wizard of Oz” cast party on his desk. I once hid it in the laundry room, hoping he would forget about it. A year later, I felt guilty enough to return it to him. Radiocarbon and single grain optically stimulated luminescence dating indicate a large proportion of the valley fill reflects a major phase of aggradation of finegrained alluvium from ca. 35 ka throughout the Last Glacial Cold Period. Synchronous incision of Pleistocene alluvial fills between 11.5 and 9.3 ka suggests the current entrenched Lockyer Creek formed in response to changes in late Quaternary climate.

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