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After spending a couple days in Ljubljana, we rented a car and (over the course of the week) drove a loop to Bled, through the Vri Pass, down to Piran and back to Ljubljana, with many stops along the way. There were alpine views that rivaled some in Switzerland, gorges and waterfalls that would be at home in Iceland, towns with the charm to match the best in Europe, and a cave (kocjan) that was unfathomably immense. The food and wine were spectacular (Hia Franko was a dream come true), and the people were so welcoming and warm.

“Si comparo nuestros hbitos tienen diferencias abismales. Mientras ellos comen slo tortilla y ese liquido con maz (pinole), yo tengo los suplementos y como cosas que no estuvieron nunca empaquetadas, cuido mucho lo que como. Pero ellos comen lo que tienen.

In this photo taken June 20, 2018, a bowl of fresh pita bread made by guest chef Muna Anaee, a refugee from Iraq, beckons from a dining table at Tawla Restaurant in San Francisco during the inaugural Refugee Food Festival. San Francisco restaurants are opening their kitchens for the first time to refugees who are showcasing their culinary skills and native cuisines while raising their profiles as aspiring chefs as part of a program to increase awareness about the plight of refugees worldwide. (AP Photo/Lorin Eleni Gill).

By that time, though, there was a streetcar line running along Hawthorne (completed in 1888), and so development increased near there along the northern edge of Ladd Addition. In 1908, the Ladd family spun off its holding as the Ladd Estate Company so development of houses could be accelerated. Streets were paved, sidewalks were built, and over a three year period, the Ladd Estate Company planted 1,600 street trees (mostly American elms, Norway maples, and little leaf lindens).

O terceiro estgio so os Bloaters ou Baiacus, so gigantes, tem esporos brotando de todas as partes do corpo, (portanto cegos, como os Clicadores), que servem como uma armadura, e jogam “bolsas de esporos”, que do um bom dano. No possvel mata lo furtivamente. Evite, ou use um coquetel molotov e prepare se para gastar muito da escassa munio..

Republicans are embracing this movement to the far right, just look at CPAC this year. The GOP in America has embraced the far right and Neo Nazis into the mainstream. Sebastian Gorka[1] was invited as a guest speaker at this year annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).[2] Marion Le Pen was too, the more extreme niece of Marine Le Pen.[3].

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